Highlighted features

  • Night function: Total silence.
  • Warm air ducting, with optional set.
  • Highest quality in its structure.
  • Top cover, air grille, door and brazier in wrought iron of great thickness.
  • Ventilated ceramic glass.
  • Energy saving: automatic start-up and shut-down depending on the temperature.
  • Eco-mode: automatic modulation for energy saving.
  • Self-cleaning brazier.
  • Guarantee of availability of parts of minimum 10 years.
Highlighted features

Available colors for this model:

M-Blanco color M-Blanco M-Bordeaux color M-Bordeaux M-Brunito color M-Brunito M-Gris color M-Gris

Official price of the manufacturer: 3.880 €

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This is our pellet stove Superior Solange


Superior (del Grupo Piazzetta) brand pellets stove with forced ventilation and Natural mode, which acts by turning off the turbines and heating by convection, so that it heats naturally, like a traditional fireplace, avoiding to listen to the turbines.

With its optional piping system, we can direct hot air through another independent outlet to the front exit of the stove. In this case, we could heat two different areas: the area where the stove is, and other areas where a 7cm diameter pipe can be brought, either in the same plant where the stove is, or in a top floor. This is a way to distribute heat throughout the house.

The Superior Solange has two independent Multifuocco series engines, ideal for maintaining two areas of the house with independent temperatures, for example the living and the bedrooms areas.

The most important factor of a pellets stove is its structure , which gives it a long durability. A poor quality structure could deform over time due to the high temperature that´s generated in the heat exchanger and this could lead to serious safety problems. The structures of our Piazzetta group stoves are steel made, with a hardening that offers a lot of strength. The door, the home and the brazier have a thickness of up to 15 mm , which gives a great constructive strength and a long useful life of the stove.

The performance of your pellets stove is something to keep in mind. Since you invest in it to have good life quality and a great energy saving. You´ll find many brands of pellets stoves on the market, but none with a real real performance than our machines, up to 92% in some of them, compared to others in the market which are at 80-85%. The more you have, the more heat is generated with the same pellets amount. Watch out because a 5% difference in performance, equals a saving of about €100 in a winter season. It must be said that a large majority of pellets stoves do not detail the actual performance of it, fooling the customer into this very important factor. The pity is that in Spain there´s no law to regulate this important data. Our pellets stoves pass the quality controls of Belgium, which certify its actual performance.

Safety on the stove, without a doubt, this is the most important section, and of which we´re very proud in our stoves. These have numerous security modules, in which any minimum failure would block its operation. These pellets stoves reach a very high temperature in their exchanger, so other brands that invest little in research for the safety modules, would cause us a great risk in case of failure. In our case, the Piazzetta (Piazzetta & Superior) group focuses much of the investment in safety.

We all know that these stoves create a forced current thanks to the turbines. The turbines that mount our pellets stoves are very very quiet , made in Germany. Imagine the typical annoying noise that can make other cheap pellets stoves after a short using time…

The Superior Solange pellets stove also includes the following features :

  • Energy saving: Automatic off and on, for greater savings. Once the set room temperature is reached, the stove shuts off completely, waiting for the temperature to drop again, to re-enter again. This technology is similar to Start-Stop cars.
  • ECO function: It´s the automatic fire power control. Choose between 4 levels of power, and fire intensity will automatically vary when reaching the desired temperature, optimizing fuel consumption.
  • 3 programming modes: Daily mode, week mode and weekend mode. You can also set a maximum of 2 on times and 2 different off times for each week day. Example: Auto power on at 9:00 am and off at 2:00 p.m. and then on automatically at 5:00 p.m. to turn it off manually at bedtime.
  • Pellets level sensor: allows you to control the amount of pellets in the tank and reports on the screen the pellets supply need.
  • Infrared control: You can optionally purchase an infrared remote control, which will help you control your stove (on, off, power and temperature).
  • Optional wifi module: You can fully connect to your stove from your mobile. The control is total, being able to change temperature, power, off, on, daily schedule, see possible errors, etc.
  • Humidifier optional in stainless steel. To humidify the dry environment. Ideal to improve breathing in babies. You can also use it with aromas, and thus endow it as a perfumer.
  • Automatic restart: If there is a power outage and the stove shuts off, it will restart automatically without the need to turn it on manually.
  • Stove self-cleaning: after switching off the stove, this ejects all dirtyness of the grill into the ash tray (cleaning bucket), this facilitates maintenance. It also does own self-cleaning at intervals while the stuff is functioning.
  • Air glass system: Ventilated Ceramic Crystal up to 750º. This crystal benefits from an air curtain which keeps the crystal clean for a longer time.
  • Depression parameters calibration: All pellets stoves in the Piazzetta group allow (and we recommend) to change the depression parameters using a micro-manometer. This will help to increase performance, and stove consumption to be as little pellets as possible. In all our installations we carry out this calibration.

Article written by Eliseo Campillo. Vidacalor.com & Avelinos.